Ways to improve Quality of Human Resources

Education is essential element to improve the quality of human resource. To improve quality of human resource, need to change the standard of education. Our education system still drop than other developed countries education system. So our government has to do evolution on education system to improve quality of human resource.
            Moreover, to make sure quality of human resource improved, we should encourage lifelong learning process. Most of employees after got job, employees won’t to improve their skills and fail to make a changing in job system. They more comfortable with old style and it makes a difficulty to country to achieve a good position in economy and also social.           
            Other than that, companies also should prepare good platform to employees increase their capabilities. Each year, they should arrange training for their workers. It needed to make sure employees are getting more caliber and creative. Companies also can give more rewards to every improvement of their workers to encourage them put more efforts to improve their self.
            Improvement in human capital is really important to improve quality of human resource. Good human capital absolutely can be a great human resource. A great human resource should integrated with aspect of physical, mental, spiritual and also intellectually

The most important basis for improving the quality of human resources is to improve the quality of training and development (T&D). According to Nadler and Wiggs (1989), "training" consists of activities aimed at improving the performance of an individual in his current position or job related. However, "development" is defined as learning- oriented personal development and organization but it is not limited to a current job or future career. As we all know, training and development (T&D) is to develop the skills of leadership and human resources to manage a job or organization. This is because an individual who has received training means he has got a particular skill or skills such as technical knowledge, problem solving ability, experience or new properties depending on the form of the types of training received.The lack of effectiveness of the training provided by an individual will affect human resource skills in dealing with an occupation or organization. This is because the most effective way to improve the skills of human resources is through systematic skills training. This aspect is important because in the era of the knowledge- Economic realization, quality of human resources should be enhanced with emphasis on planning in a training and development (T&D). This is because, according to Tracy (1992), planning, training and development (T&D) is critical to the effective management of the organization. Without careful planning and complete a program of training and development (T&D) undertaken will be in vain and all the resources available in an organization will be wasted. Therefore, a program of training and development (T&D) which is designed to bestudied will advance its goals and objectives. This is because if a program of training and development (T&D) carried out regardless of the goals of the organization will be a negative impact not only to companies but also to the development of human resources.Moreover, in line with the requirements of globalization and K- Economic, then a training and development (T&D) requires that a change in the application of creative skills and scientific technology. This is because the use of information technology is a new trend in human resource management. Thus, training and development programs to create a skills training in the application of technology and scientific. It aims to produce human resources with skills in technology to help organizations reduce costs, labor, work space and so on. Therefore, the excellent quality of human resources could be born through training and development (T&D) quality .


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